New Technologies and Survey Research


Tue - Thu, May 8 to May 10, 10:44am - 10:44am

New technologies and changes in the ways people communicate with each other present new challenges and new opportunities for researchers. This conference will focus on the challenges and opportunities of new technologies for survey research.

We will explore how strategies and standards for reaching respondents are changing in the face of new technological challenges. We will also learn about new laws and regulations about the use of these technologies and discuss how they may impact research practice. A session focused on the Internet will look at the challenges and opportunities posed by the Internet, focusing both on the accuracy of volunteer Internet samples and on the opportunities for survey research presented by Web 2.0. A session looking at mobile phones will discuss the growth of this new technology, the challenges it presents for survey research, and will review methods of sampling and interviewing mobile telephone users.

Address Information:
1737 Cambridge Street
Cambridge MA 02138


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