Survey Resources on the Web

Here you'll find an array of useful references throughout the web. If you know of additional web resources that you believe we should list here, please don't hesitate to contact us

Major Public Polls

Survey Data Collections

Major Longitudinal Surveys

  • United States Census Bureau
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
  • Eurobarometer -- A series of surveys conducted among European countries.  Semi-annual surveys have been conducted since 1974, including some tracking questions on a variety of issues.  This link is to the Public Opinion Analysis office of the European Union.  Eurobarometer data are available through the ICPSR and other archives.
  • General Social Survey -- One of NORC's oldest landmark surveys, the General Social Survey has been administered 25 times since its initial fielding in 1972, with core funding from the National Science Foundation.
  • The Health and Retirement Study -- A longitudinal study of health, retirement, and aging, sponsored by the National Institute on Aging.
  • National Center for Education Statistics -- The National Center for Education Statistics ( NCES ) collects, analyzes and makes available data related to education in the US and other nations.
  • National Center for Health Statistics -- Comprehensive information on births, deaths, aging, disease classification and other health statistics.
  • National Election Survey -- NES conducts national surveys of the American electorate in presidential and midterm election years and carries out research and development work through pilot studies in odd-numbered years. Measures can be pooled over time, and both long-term trends and the political impact of historical events can be identified.
  • Panel Study of Income Dynamics -- The PSID is a longitudinal survey of a representative sample of US individuals and families, which has been ongoing since 1968.

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