JPSM Fellows: Paid Summer Internships at Federal Statistical Agencies in Washington, DC

September 21, 2011

Internship Opportunity at the Joint Program in Survey Methodology

JPSM Fellows: Paid Summer Internships at Federal Statistical Agencies in Washington, DC.

National Competition Summer, 2012

If you like using numbers to learn about people, the economy, and world events, and you will have completed your sophomore or junior year as of June 2012 with a strong academic record, there is an opportunity in Washington, DC waiting for you.

The Joint Program in Survey Methodology (JPSM), a consortium sponsored by the Federal Statistical Agencies, is conducting a nationwide search for a limited number of Junior Fellows.  This unique experience combines a paid research assistantship with ongoing educational seminars.

Successful applicants will work at one of the Federal Statistical agencies in the Washington, DC area during the summer of 2012. This internship will allow you to learn how data gathered from households and economic units is used to track and identify trends.

You will work on key indicators of unemployment, crime, consumer prices, population migration and growth, agricultural production, educational performance of young people, transportation trends, or a host of other topics.  A salary of at least $24,000 (full-time annual equivalent) and dormitory housing will be provided.

As Junior Fellows at the JPSM, competition winners will participate in seminars on survey methodology and explore career options in survey research, which may include JPSM-sponsored graduate degree programs in survey methodology.

Applicants for the internship and Junior Fellow positions must submit a personal statement of no more than one page (500 words), academic transcripts, and one faculty recommendation. The application process dates will be decided soon on our website.

For application materials and more information, visit us on the web at: or contact:

1218 Lefrak Hall
College Park, MD 20742
301-314-7911 (voice)
301-314-7912 (fax)